5-Buck Friday Flowers

“My mom loves to get Friday Flowers!”

Although several shops now offer five dollar bunches of flowers on a daily basis, Porterfield’s originated the concept with its famous 5-Buck Friday Flowers.  The reasoning behind marketing them on Friday only is simple-they are FRESHER!  Because we can condense our bargain-flower buying into one day per week, we are able to buy in large enough quantity to get many varieties at great prices and have them delivered from the farms to our store every Thursday.  This assures our customers that the flowers have not been languishing in a refrigerator for weeks and that they are bought solely to be Friday Flowers.  We usually sell between 300 and 500 bunches on any given Friday, so we know we are doing it right-especially when we get feedback from our customers that their flowers often last two or three weeks!

“My Friday Flowers last for at least two weeks, I always get great service and Porter is very nice to me”-Doug Frye, M.D.

“Friday Flowers have been part of my courtship with Jen, our engagement and marriage and now our lives with our son Gage”- Chris Tymeson

“They are the cheapest way to stay out of trouble”-Galen Dale

“They are wonderful!  Everyone should pick some up every week.”-Jim Bagg

Click any of the photos below and watch David as he teaches you how to make an arrangement out of our 5-Buck Friday Flowers.