Fresh Flowers

Beautiful fresh flowers expertly crafted into memorable designs are the reason we exist.  Since 1965, Porterfield’s has delighted Topekans with some of the most imaginative arrangements ever.  In addition to the creative element intrinsic to all of our work, impeccable quality and freshness carry equal importance whether you want loose flowers to go or a custom design from our work room.  Customers regularly tell us that their flowers last for an amazing length of time which is exactly what we want to hear.  Nothing is more disappointing than short-lived flowers and we do everything in our power to insure that this does not happen.  In fact, we absolutely guarantee that your flowers will last as long as you think they should, or we will replace them or refund your money!

We rarely decline an order,  so don’t hesitate to call anytime during business hours.  If it’s physically possible, we’ll do it.  We have a local delivery charge of $8.95 with slightly higher fees for outlying locations.  Fresh arrangements are generally priced from $35.00 with the average being in the $50.00-$75.00 range.  We are the only Topeka florist that specializes in local organic flowers as well as premium imported blossoms.  Special requests are always welcomed, so if it’s on the market, chances are we have it or can get it relatively quickly.

Browse the photos and give us a call—chances are we can get it out when you want!

Everyday Arrangements

Note: Not every flower or container is available every day. We reserve the right to substitute either at equal or greater value.