Through years of experience both personally and professionally, we have come to understand the meaning of flowers at the time of a loved one’s death.  Flowers have been used to express sympathy for thousands of years, and continue to be perhaps the most intimate gift one can send.  Whether you choose a remembrance for the home of the family or the visitation and funeral itself, we guarantee that it will be lovely and appropriate.

Sympathy Arrangements

Note: Not every flower or container is available every day. We reserve the right to substitute either at equal or greater value.


Either fresh flowers or plants are equally welcomed, so to help decide, consider the following:  Is there a special person who would enjoy keeping a plant from the service and is it more important to make a statement or simply let the family know that they are remembered.  We feel that fresh flowers make more of a statement and can even seem more comforting than a plant, but plants can become a keepsake after the service.

At Porterfield’s, dependability and quality have always been hallmarks.  You will find that we are recommended by most funeral service providers in our area for good reason.