Wedding Flowers

Patrick Wages, Design Director, gives tips on things to consider when selecting flowers for your wedding day.

Click on the photo to watch Patrick Wages, Design Director, give tips on things to consider when selecting flowers for you wedding day. (Courtesy of Harrington Photography)

Click on the photo to view the video. Video courtesy of Harrington Photography, Topeka, KS

Porterfield’s wedding flowers are legendary.  We have traveled as far as Vail and Beaver Creek, Aspen, and even Arkansas to create the perfect wedding day.  We regularly service Manhattan, Lawrence and Kansas City as well.  People who know us also know that there is not another company anywhere that will do absolutely whatever it takes for a perfect wedding.   We have had managers of some of the finest regional clubs and venues tell us that they have never seen flowers as beautiful as ours.  Although we are capable of creating lavish weddings at exotic venues,  we are equally happy to assist with the most modest of ceremonies.  Our staff can do wonders at any scale and does so on a regular basis.

To make your visions a reality, our Design Director, Patrick Wages will meet with you to plan the day of your dreams.  Be sure to make an appointment in advance and allow about an hour for the initial consultation.  At this time,  he can help decide which flowers to choose and which styles are most suited to your taste ands budget.  Flower photographs from magazines or printed from a website can really help us understand what you want, so be sure to bring them along.   If finances are tight (like they are for many of us), it may be a good idea to decide beforehand what you can spend of flowers and let us know early on so that we can help allocate expenses.   We try to discourage brides from meeting with us before final selections have been made on wedding party attire, the venues and other details pertinent to floral decisions.  We have found that six months prior to the wedding is generally ample time to plan a formal wedding and we have even done informal ones the very same day!!  However, if you have questions before that time, we are always glad to help.